The British Florist's Association annual event

I recently attended Fleurex - the florist industry's annual trade show. It's the second year I've been and it's always such an inspiring weekend. This year I garnered a number of useful business tips and took a masterclass on crafting floral jewellery - it was amazing. It was taught by the very talented Wendy Andrade who crafts the most amazing pieces...

To left is an elegant wrist corsage.

This is a necklace crafted using bullion wire and adorned with delicate floral touces.

Below, you can see an example of a bridal bouquet with a wire frame.

During dinner Mr Tin Can Floral and I were seated with Jacqueline, from Opiflor and renowned international florist, Neil Whittaker. Neil crafted some amazing Christmas decorations and hosted a Masterclass in gift wrapping - which I found most informative and enjoyable.

Whilst chatting with Jaqueline, Mr Tin Can Floral mentioned a charity I support the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. Opiflor were very interested to learn more about this very deserving charity and very kindly donated some of the content of their stand - a very generous gift which was gratefully received. Thanks, Jacqueline!

I'm now eagerly awaiting next year's event!

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