FALLing in love...

Being a wedding florist brings many benefits, one of which is the marking of each change in season with a change in flower and foliage. Whilst some blooms are available all-year round there are definite additions that mark specific seasons / months of the year.

Autumn is a season of drama...

An array of vibrant colours mark the transition from Summer to Winter and present florists with a wonderful natural palette of reds, golds, browns, greens, purples and black, along with a variety of grasses, seed heads and pods Allowing us to create stunning designs full of contrasting textures: the smooth softness of the rose intermingled with the coarse and brittle texture of seed heads.

One doesn't need to be governed by the season. Whilst Autumn provides an amazing earthy palette there are still plenty of other options available. Some of which can be seen in the video below (my stand at the recent Chosen Wedding Fair, The Paintworks, Bristol).

If you really want to celebrate Autumn and what nature has to offer you may wish to consider amazing pumpkin wedding tablecentres. These can be dressed to suit any colour palette - I enjoy spraying them gold, ivory, silver... and, apart from looking stunning, they make fabulous gifts for key guests to take home and enjoy when your special day comes to an end.

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